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Emesis Collection

  • Emesis bag / Vomit Bag Dispenser
    $49.99 Emesis bag / Vomit Bag Dispenser
    Holds Medline Emesis Bags Model # NON80328 and many others.   The Emesis Bag / Sickness bag by Medline is a very popular selection and visible...

  • Emesis Bags / Vomit Bags / Sickness Bags by Medline
    $0.49 Choose Options Emesis Bags / Vomit Bags / Sickness Bags by Medline
    These Emesis can be used as a sickness bag.  Tie the emesis / sickness bag off at the ring to reduce contamination and smell.  Graduated markings on the side of the emesis / sickness bags measure oz and cc/mL The...

  • Medline Wash Basin 7.5Qt
    $1.29 Choose Options Medline Wash Basin 7.5Qt
    This Medline rectangular wash bin allows a deeper well for washing injuries or tools.  Many find this to offer a more secure emesis basin due to the deeper wells. Accommodating for limb soaking Rolled rim makes carrying...

  • Plastic Emesis Basins
    $0.29 Choose Options Plastic Emesis Basins
    BASIN, EMESIS, GRAPHITE, 500ML Graduated in ounces and cc's Ideal for oral hygiene and ear irrigation Also available in pigment-free to support "greener manufacturing." Packaging 250 Each / 1 Carton / Case Manuf / Supplier...

  • White Opaque Convenience Bag
    $1.99 Choose Options White Opaque Convenience Bag
    #1000 / 7000 White Opaque 20 Dozen/Case ONE HAND USE Extra-wide, rigid collar allows easy use for women as well as men and children EASY TO USE Simply press ends of collar bottom to open and place over mouth. For added...